Tuesday, January 24, 2017

8 Months Post-Op...and Some Other News

Tomorrow marks 8 months since Jack's Fontan. When I think back to all of the years that I spent dreading that day, I almost can't believe that 8 months have already passed. From time to time when I start to allow my mind to drift into a place of fear, I go online and look up stories of adults living with CHD to remind myself that Jack WILL grow up and that everything is going to be ok. It's a tough reality to live in but it's the story we've been given so I have learned to trust God and embrace the good, happy and healthy days that we're living in now and try to worry less about what's going to happen 10-20 years from now. God will provide. 

As for today, Jack is great. No complaints. He's wilder than ever! Both of my boys are growing like weeds and I can't figure out how to slow it down... So I do what most moms do and take lots of pictures and do my best to live in the moment and soak them up and try not to think about how fast they're growing. 

Lastly, I guess now is as good of a time as any to let the world know that I'm changing schools. Y'all. It's been a whirlwind year to say the least. First of all, I want to say how blessed I have been during my time at Cold Springs. I have had amazing kids and was instantly welcomed into the school and community like I was a part of the family. I am so thankful to everyone who made my time at Cold Springs great! :) Ultimately, though, my heart is in Walker County.  So... I accepted a position at Cordova High School and will begin teaching there next Monday. I'm super excited to be reunited with close friends, teaching at an amazing school and to finally feel like I'm settling down for the long haul. 

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